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Tear your ACL or coming back from other injury?  Run out of visits to Physical Therapy?  Or just not being challenged enough in your current PT setting?  Let us help progress your Return to Play rehab and get you back in the game or doing daily safely!


Our primary goal is slowly returning athletes/Individuals to their sport/lives with confidence in their knee's abilities.  We carefully watch them move, advance their strength and power exercises and discuss about how they feel about their knee.  Using a battery of tests gauging range of motion, isometric strength, hop tests, balance and more we want to determine an athlete's ability to generate and dissipate force compared to their healthy knee.


Using the information provided from these tests we will design a plan specific to the needs of the athlete's recovery and eventual return to play.



After tearing my ACL I was struggling to find a rehab program that best suited me. As soon as I started with Matt I saw immediate results and knew he would help me get on the soccer field as soon and as safely as possible. He pushed me to my limits (in the best way possible) and helped me come back from my  ACL tear stronger than I was before. I'm now playing Division 1 soccer at Purdue University at Fort Wayne and don't even notice my "hurt" knee anymore and truly feel like I have the confidence in my knees to play my best at all times

Faith Montandon

Purdue University at Fort Wayne/

Lindenwood University

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